++ Is Molluscum Contagious? ++


Almost half of children spread molluscum to other family members.

What causes molluscum?

Molluscum is caused by a particular kind of virus called a poxvirus.

At first glance you might think they look like chickenpox. However, while both chickenpox and molluscum are caused by viruses and are highly contagious, the viruses are different and there is no vaccine for molluscum.

Molluscum virus only affects the skin, but it can affect any part of the skin.

Children typically develop bumps 2-8 weeks after coming into contact with the virus

Photo is not representative of all patients.

How is it transmitted?

The virus can be spread by person-to-person contact when infected skin touches healthy skin.

A few bumps can turn into many bumps as the molluscum infection spreads.

Molluscum spreads not only by direct contact with the bumps, but also by touching an object that has come in contact with the bumps.

Who is at risk of getting Molluscum?

  • Most people with molluscum are children age 2-16,but anyone can get the infection. More than half of patients with molluscum are under 6 years old.

  • People with eczema or a family history of eczema are more likely to get molluscum. They also have a higher chance of developing more bumps and having molluscum for a longer time.
  • People who have never had molluscum and live with someone who has molluscum.
  • People who have compromised immune systems.

Photo is not representative of all patients.

How Contagious Is Molluscum?

Find out how molluscum is most commonly transmitted.

How mulluscum may spread

One mom shares what she learned managing molluscum.


Our mom talks about how important reassurance was to her child.

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What you can do

There may be options that can better help you manage the disease, reduce the risk of spreading the virus as well as assist you in navigating the various ways molluscum may negatively affect your life.


When managing molluscum contagiosum, you might consider speaking to a dermatologist to determine the best course of action for your family and child. During this current COVID-19 pandemic, please note that many dermatologists are practicing telemedicine, and you can always make an appointment for a future date.

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